Tiny Homes Chicago

Our tiny homes complex is comprised out of a community center, a communal green area and twelve housing units of 300 square feet each.

We wanted the project to resemble, at a much smaller scale, a campus in all its aspects.

The community center is a socializing area with a small library where events and gatherings that benefit both the residents of the complex but also address the problem of homelessness and provide further solutions will be held.

All the housing modules are placed on the sides of the site, thus creating a central shared space viable for different outdoor activities, from relaxing to group activities  and even sports, the area benefiting from ping pong tables, a basketball hoop and a wall climbing structure on one side. This open area has a natural feel and as much greenery  as possible so as to resemble a public garden.

The housing units are built on a standard wood structure with common but sturdy  materials, to minimize the costs and ensure the effortlessness  of the construction. They are all fire resistant, have secure doors and windows and are powered by solar panels. They also have additional electric space heaters and water heaters (we avoided gas for fear of leakage). Each unit can, if need be (in cases of young mothers or siblings), accommodate two people instead of one.

We included additional items in the cost list, items that we thought fit to help and encourage them in achieving their goal and getting a new start.

Date: January 2016 Client: AIA Chicago Skills: architecture Website: www.aiachicago.org/