• night view and aerial images of the wave structure

  • afternoon view from the channel

  • night view of the film screening area

  • night view

  • view from the campsite

danube wave

Anonimul Independent film festival is held annualy in the remote Sfantul Gheorghe town in the Danube Delta.

The project was to create an additional structure with local materials that would help the film screening during bad weather but also be a social hub during the entire festival and off season.

The Danube Wave made from local and recovered wood is an all encompassing structure with metal joints recreating  the waves the Danube river creates while it flows in the black sea.  Under its flowing roof structure it integrates leisure spaces with hammocks, storage room with restrooms and a film screening area that doubles as a daytime  gazebo.

Date: october 2009 / 2014 Client: IInd year Student Project, prof: conf. dr. arh. Iulia Stanciu, Department of Basics of Architectural Design Skills: architecture Website: www.festival-anonimul.ro/home_en