• view from the garden

  • site plan, elevations and section

  • GROUND FLOOR - design studio FIRST FLOOR - family rooms and study room for the children SECOND FLOOR: bedrooms

  • ground floor entrance view of the atrium

  • second floor view of the terrace

A home for a web designer and an architect

Family and work blend in a home with a design studio

Based on my first year student project ( A home for an artist ) the conceptual project took on a more realistic approach of what needs could be met in the architecture of a home with a design studio to better suit  a creative couple and their lifestyle.

Workspaces have become more and more a part of our homes and this is even more true for those working in the creative industries. For them their work is their identity and the borders between personal life and work are more fluctuant than in most cases. It is this fact that makes it a beautiful challenge to design a home for these wonderful people. Where to place their worksatation (?) their family time and social gatherings? How private should private be and if the children should be a constant presence in their parents’ work environment?


Date: 2008/2014 Client: conceptual project Skills: architecture