• Overall view of design proposal

  • work station mock-up

  • view of the products in all stages of use

  • inforgraphic of the product in all stages of use

  • design sample for the calendar pages

Design Competition – Get Organised

Winning submission for the Get organised – world of colors Competition.

Design of an integrated stationary duo consisting in a desk calendar and a professional notebook that take a on a minimalistic and funtional design so as to better suit your everyday workflow.

The calendar doubles as an organizer for pencils and other work related objects while the notebook is created to be functional and appealing from start to finish with its hard covers, elastic restrains and pen holder.  They are an integrated duo by their similar aesthetics but more so by the fact that the calendar doubles as the main packaging of the final product.

Date: october 2014 Client: First prize Design Competition : Bucharest Design Center and Antalis Skills: corporate id Website: www.bucharestdesigncenter.org/stire/bucharest-design-center-anunta-castigatorii-competitiei-de-design-get-organised-sustinuta-de-antalis