• design concept

  • technical illustration of the benches with magazine holders and the elevation of the gallery display

  • exhibition display

  • exhibition display

Gallery in the gallery

Gallery in the gallery “Galeria din Galerie”  at the subway station Unirii 1 is a project initiated by the  “Bucurestiul meu drag” NGO association  and supported by  Metrorex and Apa Nova. 

The comission was to illustrate several nonintrusive design concepts  of display methods for the photography exhibition  held regulalry by the NGO.

The main idea of the proposal was to catch the pedestrians’ attention by placing the frames in a tilted angle toward the natural movement through the gallery. In addition sits where designed for those that decided to stay a bit more and take in the exhbition. Simple red banches with dividers made from photography frames holding several numbers of the NGO’s monthly magazine were to be placed along side the  display wall. Small red cabinets inspired by an old plastic communist pencil holder,  popular in the 80’s and early 90’s, was designed to better organize all the materials needed for the temporary and constant exhibitions.

Date: october 2012 Client: NGO My dear Bucharest ( Bucurestiul meu drag ) Skills: architecture, corporate id Website: www.orasul.ro/expozitiifoto/view/galeria-din-galerie.html