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Living in Bucharest, Vatra Luminoasa urban ensemble (Diploma Project)

Vatra Luminoasa, Urban Ensemble is a project that draws its principles from its surroundings. It is a honest response that starts from the site and then looks towards the city, growing on the opportunities and threats that the social and built climate have to offer. Through comprehensive site analysis that included urban form studies, pedestrian permeability, urban pols of function and territorial influences the urban strategy for the site was lead in the direction of a multifunctional ensemble with housing as its key feature in a high density low rise urban form, with additional adjoining functions such as workspaces for liberal professions, commercial functions, workshops and exhibition ares for the fashion and garment industry placed along side a variety of public to semi private spaces.

The site has 3 stories to tell: the factory, the single family housing built before and durin WW2 and the urban blocks of collective housing from the communist regime. These surroundings along side the vicissitudes of living in Bucharest take a toll and the architecture and urban form of the proposal.

  • site area: 21.977sqm,
  • POT:32%, CUT 1.1,
  • roadway 2.795sqm,
  • ground floor built are: 7.032sqm ,
  • total built area: 26.500sqm
  1. Housing: urban villas and hybrid maisonettes with common courtyard
  2. Public Spaces: Urban Square, Small Park, urban functional street with adjoining semiprivate spaces for housing access
  3. Rentable workspaces and galleries for both liberal professions and creative industries
  4. Comercial/services spaces adjoining the Urban Square and the Small Park
Date: july 2014 Client: Architecture Diploma Project - University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu", prof: assoc.prof.dr.arch. Stefan GHENCIULESCU Skills: architecture